My purpose is to point you towards that bucket list journey that takes you into the heart and soul of your destination through its people, food and customs.  I design unique water travel experiences for individuals and groups alike, that alleviate the stress of transportation hopping and pulling out your wallet for every meal and hotel stay. Thoughtfully chosen ships and itineraries are expertly combined to ensure you connect with your inner joy. With over 230 cruise ships to choose from, matching the right journey and vessel can be daunting for most individuals.

Whether you are a beer enthusiast, a lover of fine wines, great art or music, history or an adventurer, combining a culturally immersive experience with culinary magic , laughter and discovery will make your spirit take flight. 

To quote  Mark Twain, " Nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people."


My first recollection of having wanderlust was as a child, watching Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando. I decide then and there that I had to explore Tahiti. I would marry Marlon Brando, he would secure a ship and off to Tahiti we would sail. That didn’t work out the way I planned as an 8 year old but I believe it made a huge impact on what I do today.

My fascination with other people’s customs and the desire to travel led me to work at a travel agency in 1998.  I happened to win a trip on a Mississippi river boat and I never looked back. I had to tell people about this, they had to know about water travel! Oh my, the people, the food, the connections… I was home, heaven truly was on earth! This revelation led me to obtain a designation as an Accredited Cruise Counselor among other certifications in small ship and expedition sailing.

I ADORE water travel. Because water covers over 71% of the earth , it allows the magic of travel to lands all over the world. If it has water near it, you can usually get there on a water vessel. I choose to not look at the back of an airplane seat when going to my dream destination.  I choose instead to eat incredible culinary creations, drink fine wine and watch the world from my balcony all while someone else does the driving and pampers me.

Whether you are dreaming of Tahiti, a European River, South America, Antarctica, the Mekong , a US River or a Caribbean voyage, I am here to help make it your finest possible travel experience.  

One last note, I did make Tahiti one of my very first trips when I started out as a travel agent and yes, it was absolutely EVERYTHING I dreamed of.  Her sister, Bora Bora wasn’t too shabby either.