So that’s how we work with businesses to create major growth opportunities through water travel. Now it’s time for the “why.” In fact, we have 5 “whys” for you! Here’s why cruising with your customers is the best — and certainly the most fun — way to grow your business.

1. You create customers for life.

Travel builds bonds like nothing else (that’s why we got into this business!). While you most often think of building bonds through travel with your family and friends, there’s no reason this universal travel truth can’t apply to business. In fact, that’s way major companies often use incentive travel for their best employees. They’ve spent the big bucks to discover that travel leads to loyalty.

When you travel with your best customers, exploring a shared interest together, YOU create lasting loyalty. From here on out, your customers will associate you with a beloved travel memory — perhaps even one of the best vacations of their lives! You become so much more than a business in their eyes … you become an integral part of their lifestyle, a source of happiness, pride and excitement, all while instilling that sense of belonging.

You’ve heard it before: People do business with those they know, like, and trust. You build all three on a fabulous water travel experience.

2. You increase “word of mouth” with ease.

What happens after you go on an amazing trip? You post those photos all over social media, of course!

And that’s exactly what your customers will do , after experiencing a themed sailing with you, however this time — your business will be mentioned in every photo! You could even create branded hashtags and social media contests to encourage social media sharing. As a result, you turn your best customers into your biggest brand evangelists. And every business owner knows that the most trusted form of advertising comes straight from the customer’s mouth. For businesses willing to approach their marketing from an outside-the-box perspective, this strategy can be a huge boon to your biz.

3. You establish an additional revenue stream for your business.

Embarking on a group water travel experience with your customers doesn’t just increase loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. It can also directly increase your bottom line.

Here’s how: If you recruit a large enough group of customers to travel on your cruise, we can discuss ways to expand our partnership with you — which may include sharing a percentage of commissions. This gives you a great incentive to continue to grow your water travel trips with customers, which in turn means you’ll continue to enjoy the ancillary benefits of increasing customer loyalty and brand marketing. Also, the size of your travel group tends to grow naturally year after year, as the customers who traveled with you previously drum up interest on your behalf.

4. You may travel at a deep discount … or even for free!

Don’t worry, your group water travel experience won’t set sail without you. And in fact, as the group leader, you may be able to enjoy your travel at a deep discount (or even at no cost). Often times a free cabin is offered if certain booking minimums are met, which group leaders are able to use for themselves.

5. Water travel is best for business groups.

Technically, you could gather a group of your customers and take them on a trip-of-a-lifetime using any mode of transport. But at A Travel Story, we often design water travel experiences with our business partners because we think cruising is the best way to execute this kind of business growth venture. A cruise experience gives your customers plenty of time to meet and mingle with one another — and you or your business representatives — to start cultivating bonds sparked by love for your product or service. Plus, water travel is just so stress free for groups; everyone only has to unpack once, instead of hopping on train and bus transfers every few days. That leaves time for more fun for everyone!